Camera motion rotation tools guide

Using rotating tools to make pan or tilt shots is often the easiest and most affordable way to add captive motion to shots.

The rotational devices are usually lighter and especially smaller than sliders and jibs.


Mediarena camera rotation tools comparison table

Mediarena motorized sliders guide


Be advised to use motion sparingly in finished productions. All the currently easily available motion tools (drones, jobs, sliders, pan-heads) make cool single specialty shots. Used without restraint the effects will cause motion sickness.

The following list goes from cheap and simple to pricier and more advanced tools.


IKEA timer
The $6 IKEA timer is popular for making DIY mechanically driven pan-heads. (Photo courtesy of IKEA)

Egg timer


The egg timer can be DIY’ed to work as a camera tool, or be bought ready made. Either way, don’t bother unless you have very little cash, an abundance of time and no appreciation for quality. And want to be suspected of setting up tikking bombs.
There are too many glorified egg timers to list all. To mention some: Veho Muvi X-Lapse, GoPole Scenelapse, Camalapse, Flow-Mow 360, BubblePix BubblePod etc.


The Spinpod is a notch above the basic egg timer. It is aimed at the smartphone and action cam users, but is stated to even work with small DSLRs. The Spinpod has somewhat limited controls, but also has a unique feature in that it can be used to motorized small “skater” camera dollies.


(Photo courtesy of Sevenoak)Sevenoak SK-EBH01

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Simple (and limited) settings, heavy build (aluminium casing). Reviews report some quality issues (cheap buttons, gear play).

(Photo courtesy of TurnsPro)TurnsPro

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The TurnsPro is great concept with some unique features, but it is unfortunately plagued with quality issues (cheap plastic). Look elsewhere.

(Photo courtesy of Motrr)

Motrr Galileo

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For iPhones and GoPro. Rather expensive.

(Photo courtesy of Bescor)Bescor MP-360

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The Bescor MP-360 is a little different than the other options, as it is primarily made for video. Pan and tilt can be controlled via a cable remote.

(Photo courtesy of Alpine Labs)Radian

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The Radian is controlled by smartphones via cable. It can carry DSLRs both for panning and tilting and is suitable both for video and time-lapsing.

(Photo courtesy of Alpine Labs)Radian 2


The Radian 2 is very similar to the original Radian but connects to smartphones wirelessly via Bluetooth instead of via cable.

(Photo courtesy of Syrp)Syrp Genie mini


The Genie mini seems to be quite similar to the Radian 2. It is especially made to expand on the slider functionality of the original Genie.

(Photo courtesy of Mindarin)Mindarin Astro


The Astro is a great concept. The design allows quick setups within the device by twisting some rings. More advanced settings can be made by smartphones via cable. It is the best looking of all the devices in this list.