The Genie has shrunken

With all its might, the Syrp Genie camera motion control device can be overly complicated for some, and limited for others. The new Genie mini might be the remedy for both.

Genie smartphone control
The Genie mini can be controlled by smartphones. (Photo courtesy of Syrp)

The Syrp Genie is a camera motion device that offer some unique features setting it apart from the competetion. The motor adds motions by dragging itsself by a string rope. This makes it versatile in that it works with most camera slider solutions, even for stretches far beyond any normal slider.

The Genie might be overkill when only panning is required. Or limited as the original Genie only offer one axis motion.

The Genie mini offer wireless app control panning, in a small package. Additionaly, when added to the original Genie, the combination offer two axis motion control.

The Genie mini is currently only available as pre-order, at USD 249. Shipping is expected to begin in May.

Watch the Syrp Genie mini video teaser: