Belt clipping the Zoom H1 audio recorder

The zoom H1 is a very popular audio recorder for its combination of low price, high quality, and great versality and portability. Even so, it has been difficult to body mount. AspenMics has the solution to that.

Aspen Mics has announced the AM42BCH1, a belt clip for Zoom H1 handy recorder with three lavalier cord safety traps. The belt clip attaches to the back of the Zoom H1 with the included fastener and is designed so the battery can be accessed while the clip is installed.

The design of the clip also allows complete access to all of the buttons and switches on the Zoom H1 along with three different safety cable traps for line in and line out cables. The lavalier cord is securely looped under the belt clip in one of three different locations where there is a less likely a chance for the lavalier cord to be accidentally disconnected or pulled out.

With the AM42BCH1 belt clip it is now easy to slide the Zoom H1on and off belts, pants, pockets, etc.

H1 fan RunPlayBack has made a video showing how the clip works:

Source: Press release

Zoom H1 belt clip images: