An all terrain tripod

Versatile tripod
The Pakpod tripod is small, yet versatile. (Photo courtesy of Pakpod)

Scuba diver Steve Underwood got tired of searching for a tripod for underwater camera use. So he made a Pakpod.

In Steves own words: “I searched far and wide for a tripod I could anchor, adjust, and aim while holding my breath at sixty feet. One that could stand its ground in white water – and be hung up high overhead – and be staked into substrates – and – tied to things – and – and – years went by. I wanted extreme versatility above and below the surface.”

Underwood decided to go the Kickstarter route to fund the startup, and the Pakpod was successfully funded within a few days.

In essence, the Pakpod weigh less than a pound and is constructed from the same stuff as bike and ski helmets. It is easily stashed in your backpack, and it’s fast – with a locking system secures all three legs in asymmetrical positions with the twist of a single knob. It’s designed to let you stake it securely into grass, dirt, sand and snow.

The diiferent setup photos show it in all kinds of situations – some in which a basic tripod or a Gorillapod would be as good or even better suited. And that’s probably what the Pakpod does, closing the gap between the classic tripod and the Gorillapod, with underwater use as its forte.

Visit for more info or the Kickstarter page for rebated funding options (before November 6th 2015).

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