Radian The Second fully backed up

Radian is a versatile motor geared at videography and time-lapse photography. The Radian 2 goes wireless.

Radian 2 slide
The Radian 2 set up to slide vertically. (Photo courtesy of Alpine Laboratories)

The radian is a programmable, turning motor that can be used for panning, tilting or as a motor for a slider (the latter require an optional bracket). In sum, with three Radians you can build a three-axis slider.

The main difference between the two is the ability to control the Radian 2 wirelessly via Bluetooth, where the old Radian had to transfer commands via cable.

Radian 2 connections
The Radian 2 showing the connections. (Photo courtesy of Alpine Laboratories)

With ten days left of the Kickstarter campaign, the new Radian has already surpassed the pretty hefty $153,471 goal by a good margin.

At the campaign $220 will pony up a single Radian 2, timelined to be delivered September 2015. The current Radian is available for $249 at the Alpine Laboratories website.

Visit the Kickstarter page and watch the video for more info on the Radian 2 device: