Motorized Rhino slider on Kickstarter

The Rhino is a popular slider somewhat impaired by the lack of a motorized option. The new Rhino Evo slider not only reveal a motor option, but add two more great slider features.

Rhino motor controller
A refreshingly colorful motor controller screen. (Photo courtesy of Rhino)

The Rhino slider is a ball bearing slider known for delivering an affordable quality solution. The new Kickstarter from Rhino reveals that the new Evo slider not only adds a motor option, but also a flywheel option and a parallax option.

This, in addition to other tweaks and ingenuities may prove the Rhino slider to be one one of the most versatile slider options available.

The new Evo slider has moved Rhino into Mediarenas guide to motorized sliders.

Read all about it at Kickstarter.

Watch the Evo / Motion Kickstart introduction below: