New filters using sapphire crystal and Gorilla Glass

Novo filters
Novo filters is a newcomer offering sapphire crystal and Gorilla Glass.

A new filter manufacturer, named Novo, is launching a range of filters that will be made from sapphire crystal and Gorilla Glass.

The company claims its filters has the slimmest brass frames, while the glass offer superior coatings. All the filters are water, dirt, oil repellent and stain, scratch resistant.

Novo offer filters in two variants, the Sapphire (UV only) and the Endura (Protector, UV, C-PL, Variable ND) with sizes from 40mm to 82mm. The Sapphire UV’s range from £60 to £120 including VAT, and will be available to view and purchase at the Photography Show 2015, 21st-24th March, NEC.

Source: dpreview


Update 3, December 16th, 2015: Novo has stated in their Facebook-page that their filters will be delayed due to a change of manufacturer. As a result, specs will also change.

Update 2, July 19th: An interesting Slideshare is available (and has been since July 2014) with lots of interesting information about a  Sapphire Crystal Glass (SCG) optical filter, apparently published by the Business Development Manager at Schneider Kreuznach.

Update 1, July 19th: May 16th Novo announced launch delays on their Twitter page, expecting a release late June or early July. But no news and still no web site as of July 19th.