Mini review: JJC TM Timer remote shutter

Photo of a JJC intervalometer.
The JJC TM intervalometers can be easier to pack than the Canon style timer remotes.

Approx $35 • 2xAAA batteries • Manual (PDF)
Weight approx. 87 g (with batteries)

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The JJC is basically the same as the Canon style and most basic intervalometers in terms of functionality, only with a somewhat different form factor. It is shorter than the Canon TC-80N3, but also thicker. This can make it more suitable for packing into some camera bags or backpacks, depending on your configuration. Unlike the MC-20, it operates on easily available AAA batteries.

The wire is fixed, so it is necessary with the right type of connector. With a fixed wire, there is no possibility to reuse the unit with another brand camera by using another cable. The entire unit must be replaced.

The JJC does not have a 1/4-20 screw hole or a cold shoe mount, so the unit must be strapped down with velcro, rubber bands or other means of choice.

Build quality

The build quality is fair. There is an easily operated on/off switch on the side, with little chance off being accidentaly switched on or off. All other buttons are also fairly big and give good tactile and audible feedback. The battery cover is not hinged, so one must be careful not to lose it while replacing batteries.

The LCD display is a travesty, though. Looking at it straight on it is really dim. To get a clear reading the unit must be tilted about 45 degrees backwards. If tilted the other way, visibility gradually dims to nothing. Using the lighting function does not alleviate this issue.


Despite the terrible display, this is the reviewers personal favourite intervalometer. The form factor is just right. And it it easy to quickly set up for a time lapse sequence or just to use as a corded remote shutter release controller.